Rescuers in New Jersey save a mature and docile dog left alone outdoors in frigid conditions tethered to a brief chain

A team of rescuers is presently looking after a Rottweiler that is ten years old. They found the dog on a short chain outside a residence located in Neptune Township, New Jersey. The dog had no food or water. The Neptune Township Police Department discovered the Rottweiler, who is known as Coco, during the Christmas holiday. A Facebook post from the Monmouth County SPCA stated this. The animal is now in the care of the organization. To assist the dog, the police reached out to the Monmouth County SPCA’s animal control department.

During the Christmas holidays, a lovely senior Rottweiler named Coco was subjected to severe neglect. Her previous owner’s pipes froze, and as a result, she was left outside on a concrete pad, fastened to a short chain, without access to food or water and exposed to the elements. Coco spent three nights alone in subzero conditions, bewildered and frightened. The Monmouth County SPCA provided an update on social media. Coco, the senior dog, was rescued and transported to the SPCA’s shelter. There, she was given nourishment, hydration, and a lot of rest. The Monmouth County SPCA revealed that the rescue conducted blood work on Coco and discovered that she “could have kidney stones” and “an inherited eye issue that impairs her vision and may be caused by careless breeding.” Coco will remain at the shelter while she recovers. The shelter’s staff refer to her online as a “gentle, devoted, and affectionate dog.”

The Monmouth County SPCA’s Facebook post indicated that they are looking for potential adopters to keep a watch on their social media and website for further information, even though the dog is not yet eligible for adoption. The animal shelter in New Jersey stated that the dog’s former owners would face charges of animal cruelty for harsh restraint and neglect.

When asked to comment on the allegations, the Neptune Police Department stated that the Monmouth County SPCA would make all announcements.

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