Rescuers save elderly dog who was intentionally buried by owner

It never fails to surprise us how heartless some individuals can be towards dogs. These individuals display such indifference to the lives of animals that they abandon their dogs, subjecting them to suffering.

Fortunately, there are also compassionate individuals in the world who step in to rescue these unfortunate animals. Just like in a recent incident, where a rescue organization saved a dog left for dead.

In February, the TARA Association, a rescue group, received a distress call regarding an injured dog abandoned in Jaén, Spain. Upon arrival, they were horrified to discover that the dog had been intentionally buried alive.

Trapped in the soil, the injured, 12-year-old dog appeared extremely frightened and disoriented. However, upon spotting his rescuers, he recognized their intent to assist and placed his trust in them.

One rescuer improvised by employing her shoelace as a temporary leash while they endeavored to excavate the dog from the earth.

As per a video shared by Second Chance Animals Rescue, numerous dogs roam the streets of Spain, and their chances of survival are typically slim without human intervention.

However, this particular incident of callous abandonment and utter disregard for the dog’s life by its owner marked a new nadir.

“We are exhausted, utterly frustrated with coexisting with these heartless individuals,” expresses one rescuer in the video.

The dog, named Titan, was discovered in a distressing state: he had a bleeding injury on his side and a wound on his snout.

He underwent an extensive period of hospitalization, financially supported by TARA and their dedicated followers.

Although Titan’s recovery has been a lengthy journey, there is positive progress. Reports suggest he is growing “stronger every day” and making “remarkable advancements towards recuperation.”

The most heartening news is that he is now recuperating in a foster home, where he is finally receiving the affection and attention that he had been deprived of for far too long.

What an astounding recuperation! It demonstrates the transformative impact that even a small amount of love and care can have on a dog: Titan transitioned from the brink of death to finding the forever home he has always deserved.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to this rescue organization for rescuing Titan and giving him a chance at life! Let’s spread this inspiring story!

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