Resilient Dog Who Suffered Extensive Facial Injuries Keeps Wagging Her Tail

Upon arrival at a Miami animal shelter, a pit bull named Abigail was found to be in a severely distressed state, having lost a portion of her facial skin and an entire ear. The veterinarian determined that Abigail had endured numerous brutal injuries due to involvement in dogfighting.

Fortunately, Abigail was honored as the “Hero Dog of the Year” at the annual awards gala hosted by American Humane. When images of her injuries were initially shared on Facebook the previous year, Victoria Frazier, a compassionate individual affiliated with the Florida-based nonprofit Love is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, promptly intervened to rescue Abigail from her dire circumstances.

Concerned about the possibility of Abigail being euthanized, Frazier made the decision to bring her to Pets First Wellness Center for crucial wound treatment and life-saving skin grafts. Abigail had suffered the loss of her right ear, which prompted Frazier to creatively cover her head with stylish headbands, thus giving rise to the emergence of a resilient star, Abigail.

As a result, her unique headwear caught the attention of online users, who began sending additional accessories and hats. Eventually, Abigail found her permanent loving home with Megan and Jason Steinke in Fort Myers, Florida.

“You can witness her incredible transformation from months ago to the present. She is incredibly affectionate and forgiving, and her gentle nature will undoubtedly inspire others to take a leap of faith in rescuing stray dogs, particularly pit bulls,” expressed Megan.

Abigail emerged as the winner among six other finalists, claiming the prestigious title of “Hero Dog of the Year” at the 16th awards ceremony held in Beverly Hills in September. Be sure to watch the complete video to gather more details about Abigail’s inspiring journey.

Watch the video below.

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