Scared Rescued Puppy Asks For Pets For The First Time

When Rolo was rescued, he was so scared of people that he’d stand frozen in fear. But, you could tell from his body language, he didn’t want it to be that way.

When Tracy agreed to foster Rolo, she knew he was afraid of people. So, she kept encouraging him, so he’d know he was safe with her. But despite her reassurance, he kept retreating to the safety of his crate.

So, Tracy decided to meet Rolo where he was and would sit next to his crate to keep him company. After a while, he’d slowly creep out of his crate and then slowly creep back inside. She didn’t want to overwhelm him, so she let him take his time and do what made him comfortable

Then one day, things started to change when she decided to introduce him to her dog, Lily. When he first saw Lily, he immediately went up to her and started to cuddle with her. He began following her everywhere, wanting to play.

It was clear that Rolo loved Lily and the two quickly became bonded. Lily helped Rolo feel safe enough to begin to come out of his shell. It was as if she was the foster and he was less scared with her by his side.

Rolo was happy with Lily and it made Tracy happy to see that he was beginning to overcome his fears. By week three, he started following Tracy around the house and asking her for pets.

It was then that Tracy knew that Rolo was going to be okay. Soon, a potential adopter named Taylor saw Rolo and wanted to adopt her. Rolo quickly bonded with her son and her other dog, Dolly.

Rolo found the perfect family to love her, complete with a new doggy friend. He was no longer afraid and is very happy with his new family. He loves to run in the yard and is always eager to play.

We’re so happy for Rolo and glad that he overcame his fear of people. Thanks to fosters like Tracy, dogs like Rolo get a second chance at life and can overcome the problems from their past.

We wish Rolo the best and hope you enjoyed his sweet rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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