Scared Stray Pit Bull Falls In Love With Her Rescuer In Less Than 3 Minutes

When the rescue found a scared pit bull, the poor dog was afraid to trust them and tried to get away.

Stray Rescue of Saint Louis found a terrified pit bull and wanted to help her. The trouble was, the dog was so afraid that she moved away and tried to hide from her would-be rescuer.

But Donna didn’t give up and tried to earn the stray dog’s trust. She gently spoke to the dog and tried to convince her to come closer but the dog was keeping plenty of space between them.

Even though Donna spoke gently to the black and white dog, she wasn’t moving any closer. No one knew how long she’d been on her own but she needed help and to leave the industrial area that she was found in.

So, Donna kept talking to the pitiful dog and tried to lure her closer with food. But not even the promise of a full belly was enough to get the dog to walk to her.

Donna then tried to get closer but the scared dog moved away and tried to hide between a brick building and a chain link fence. But the area was blocked off at the end and now the dog found herself trapped between Donna and the fence.

Donna knew how scared the dog was and began talking sweetly to her. The dog barked but that didn’t last long because Donna tossed her some food and that’s when she realized that maybe Donna could be trusted.

The dog slowly moved toward Donna and even bypassed the food she had thrown on the ground to get closer. She finally decided to trust her and melted her head into Donna’s lap and wagged her tail for the first time.

At that moment, it’s as if that dog realized that she could trust Donna and that she would now be safe. Her sweet face looks nothing but relieved that she is finally getting the help she needs.

What an amazing job Donna did in rescuing such a scared pup. We’re so happy that she could help and share this great rescue story. We hope you enjoyed it. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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