Senior Chihuahua Abandoned By Owners In California Desert Town Waited Three Years To Be Rescued

Hope for Paws, a nonprofit rescue organization based in Los Angeles, one day received a call about a senior chihuahua. The caller said that the dog was a stray and was seen abandoned by his former owners. Many of the residents of the California desert town tried to rescue him, but the dog was so terrified of humans that he doesn’t allow anybody to touch him.

The kind neighbors frequently left food for him, but the dog was regularly exposed to the elements. He needed a good home and a family that he could trust and love. Rescuers from Hope for Paws immediately set out to help him achieve that goal.

Old and alone

The caller met the rescue team and showed them where the old dog was frequently staying. It was an abandoned house, and he was there alone. The rescuers, two highly experienced women, tried to call the small pup.

As usual, the stray scurried away. He kept on running around the fenced abandoned yard.

To limit his movements, the two ladies set up plastic collapsible fences around the exits. Trapped, the dog found a hole in a wall and went inside. There was nowhere for him to run anymore. He hid there, shaking and cowering in fear.


The rescuers were able to catch him soon and brought him to their facility. There he was given a batch, and they started forming a bond. The dog began to trust his rescuers. Several days after, they found him a new forever home.

With a new life came a new name. The dog is now called Lambert, and he is happily living with a loving family and a new canine best friend. He is very active and playful, and it seemed that he was like a puppy again.

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