Severely Injured Pit Bull Rescued From Fighting Receives Gentle Bath For The First Time

This story tells the tale of Rambo, an unfortunate canine, who was exploited for dog fighting and subsequently abandoned to perish.

However, he refused to allow such a fate, and against all odds, he managed to survive and is now striving to attain the life he truly deserves.

Every Life Counts Animal Rescue discovered the dog on the 23rd of March in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

A property agent and one of the rescue’s team members, Casey Lawrence, stated that she arrived at the ideal moment, as Rambo was in dire need of someone to provide care for him.

Fortunately, they brought him to the Baxter Veterinary Clinic to cleanse his wounds. Thankfully, he is currently recuperating, but his medical expenses are substantial. If you wish to contribute to aid Rambo, please get in touch with the Baxter Veterinary Clinic for donation options.

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