Severely Injured Puppy Discovered in Garbage After Good Samaritan Heard Her Whimpers

A passerby rummaging through the garbage in Coachella, California, heard the cries of a puppy. Inside a plastic Walmart bag, they discovered a severely burned five-week-old Pit Bull puppy. They brought the injured pup to a local jewelry store for assistance.

Alejandra Espinoza Zazueta’s mother works at the jewelry store and immediately called her for help. Zazueta arrived to find the puppy with severe burns on her back and unable to use her hind legs. Zazueta named her “Hope” and reached out to Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, an animal rescue organization that specializes in helping abused and neglected animals.

Badly Burned Puppy Found In Trash After Passerby Heard Her Cries

The rescue organization shared about her first case, “It seems like she was subjected to burns from a caustic substance or a metal object like an iron. She is just a few weeks old, had a part of her tail amputated, and is unable to walk due to being beaten and attacked.”

Badly Burned Puppy Found In Trash After Passerby Heard Her Cries

Although the burned puppy has endured significant pain and suffering, she is currently receiving treatment at an emergency animal hospital. Her wounds are severe, and she requires round-the-clock monitoring and care to prevent infection. “At this stage, she needs daily wound management, as well as fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication,” said Brian McGrath, owner of McGrath Veterinary Center. “So far, she has been responding remarkably well to treatment, and after a long road, we expect her to make a full recovery.”

Badly Burned Puppy Found In Trash After Passerby Heard Her Cries

Then, Hope’s rehabilitation will be lengthy and challenging. She has someone who loves her dearly and will be by her side throughout the entire process. Zazueta mentioned that she is committed to caring for the sweet little dog as she recovers, even if she ends up being paralyzed. “She has a home and we’re eagerly waiting for her. We have everything ready for her, and we’re just waiting for the day when they call us and say we can go pick her up.”

Burned puppy

Meanwhile, the rescue organization is actively seeking the culprit behind this heinous act. Authorities are reviewing surveillance footage from the area but are seeking the public’s assistance. “We are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible.”

Furthermore, this is the second incident of puppies being abandoned in the trash in the vicinity of Coachella. If you witness anything suspicious, please take action and report it.

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