She was feeling down, trying to conceal her tears after trusting the wrong owner

Paws Paws reported that the INSTITUTO SOS 4 PATAS PARAN had been notified about an injured dog that had been left underneath a tree. When they received the alert, the nearest rescuer went to investigate the situation.

Upon arriving, they discovered that the dog had been deserted and had suffered severe injuries. The dog had a nosebleed, swollen eyes, and a broken neck.

The rescuers decided to take quick action and transported the injured dog to the nearest animal shelter for treatment and care.

Tests were initiated solely to determine if the dog had been exposed to any other illnesses. The dog sat down, implying that something was bothering her to the extent that she was having difficulty standing on her own.

Based on the test results, the dog had a partially fractured jaw and sharp objects were found in her stomach. To determine the nature of the items in her stomach, doctors conducted additional tests, which yielded alarming findings.

Despite the success of the treatment, the dog was so frightened that she passed out immediately. The doctors determined that the dog had steel fragments in her stomach rather than the sharp objects previously believed to be present.

She can finally start feeding herself, but the doctors are not giving her solid food yet. For the time being, they are feeding her liquids to make it easier for her stomach to digest the food.

The dog’s condition is improving daily, and there is notable progress in both her appetite and social behavior.

Watch the video below.

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