Shelter Dog Terrified and Refuses to Turn Around

Tammy Graves, who founded The Haley Graves Foundation, a pet rescue organization, noticed June Cash while visiting the shelter.

June, who was initially believed to be male and named “Johnny,” was crouched in the corner of her kennel, appearing scared and despondent.

Graves decided to intervene and rescued June from the shelter, taking her straight to the vet for a checkup.

June was discovered to have a serious heart worm infection and showed signs of having been mistreated in the past. She was treated and started her healing process at a loving foster home.

She began to gradually become more sociable and will now even approach her foster father.

June has now been made available for adoption this week and is seeking a fantastic home that can take her in and give her the affection she has been lacking.

Tammy Graves, who established The Haley Graves Foundation pet rescue organization, encountered June Cash at a nearby shelter. Graves was so disturbed by the dog’s behavior, she refused to face away from the wall, that she wrote about it on her Facebook page.

Graves made sure to take a photo of June to illustrate the dog’s dismal state. She then posted the picture on Facebook, intending to spread awareness about June’s situation, as requested by friends.

Graves immediately returned to the shelter and saved June after encountering her. June was taken to a veterinarian where she was treated for severe heartworm infection and signs of prior abuse. After being nursed back to health, June was placed in a foster home.

Her foster parents started to nurse her back to health, both physically and mentally. Slowly but surely, June began to open up and would even approach her foster dad with her tail wagging. She was becoming more comfortable with physical contact and seemed to be enjoying her walks, as evidenced by this photo.

This week June became available for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting her and providing her with a loving home, be sure to fill out the adoption form on The Haley Grave Foundation’s website.

Watch the heartwarming story below!

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