Special Bulldog Puppy Has Lots To Say

This tiny bulldog puppy has a lot to say about not being able to walk properly but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to do all the normal puppy things.

Quarrie Modo, a tiny bulldog puppy, was surrendered to the Road Dogs and Rescue in Mexico because he couldn’t walk right. His little back legs splayed out but that didn’t stop him from wanting to do all the normal puppy things.

Because he couldn’t walk, he complained a lot. The rescue suspected that he might also have dwarfism and probably hydro, too. His back legs were deformed. But despite it all, he was adorable and full of life.

Modo wasn’t alone at the rescue, there were other bulldogs there, but he was a tiny guy next to them. Despite his size, he had a big bark and lots to say to his foster and the other dogs at the rescue.

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Modo also liked to play, which encouraged him to walk to his toys, which would only help him get stronger. With each little step, he learned to walk better, even though he had so many obstacles working against him.

He had a huge heart and never let his special problems get the best of him. Like all puppies, he wanted to play and be near his dog friends. He also liked food, which he ate super loud, smacking down every single bite.

Modo even loved to play with a ball of rope that was as big as he was. He didn’t let the size of the toy stop him just like he didn’t let his disabilities get the best of him, either. Modo kept moving and amazed everyone who helped him.

He grew and got stronger and was soon able to get out of his bed on his own. Food was a big motivator, but he loved to play with anything, including bubble wrap, which he adorably attacked.

All the while, Modo never stopped talking to his foster, the other dogs, or anyone who would listen. Soon, he even got braces to help his legs develop better and that seemed to make him want to talk even more.

Modo got lots of special care and even learned to swim. He is such a sweet and special puppy and thankfully, no one gave up on him just as he didn’t give up on himself. For all that, Modo got stronger and even learned to run.

We hope you are inspired by Modo’s story. Don’t miss the end where he goes to the beach and then you’ll get to see how beautiful he is all grown up. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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