Stray Dogs Safeguard Visually Impaired Senior Lady Discovered In The Mud Next To A River

Dogs are among the most affectionate, selfless beings on the planet. They exhibit their concern and empathy, globally, every day. Even dogs that have not experienced favorable treatment in life are capable of immense affection.

As exemplified by these two wandering dogs who were found consoling a woman who had slipped in the mud. The photographer was strolling alongside the riverbank in Thailand when they observed two dogs beside what seemed to be a person lying in the mud.

Ake Srisuwan, an internet user from Thailand, shared the heartwarming images on Facebook and narrated the incident. He wasn’t certain whether the individual was deceased or alive or the reason behind their presence in the mud as he approached to investigate the situation.

Taken aback, he discovered that the individual on the riverside was an elderly lady covered in mud. Concerned about her well-being, he attempted to assist and started questioning individuals in the vicinity.

He uncovered that the lady was a sightless, destitute individual who frequented the vicinity. It is uncertain how she ended up on the edge of the muddied river, but it seemed she dozed off there with the dogs keeping watch over her.

Unwilling to abandon her, two stray dogs stood guard over the woman to ensure she wouldn’t be alone. The dogs were also covered in mud and seemed to have remained by her side for quite some time.

That stretch of the river was unsafe and inhabited by aquatic creatures. Stirred with concern for the woman, Ake transported her and the dogs to a local hospital for assistance. The tale reached the ears of local residents, prompting authorities to extend support in finding shelter and providing care for her and the dogs.

We wish for her to receive the necessary care and assistance and send our best wishes to her and the dogs. Kindly pass on this story to your loved ones and acquaintances.

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