Stray Puppies Are So Happy When This Man Showed Up In The Middle Of The Night To Rescue Them

Theoklitos Proestakis is one of the most famous personalities on the internet today. He quit his job and dedicated his life to rescuing unwanted dogs in his hometown in Crete. Ever since he founded his animal rescue organization called Takis Shelter, Theoklitos has saved countless dogs and given many of them forever homes.

Theoklitos also records most of the rescues he performs and posts them on the internet for everyone to see the work that he does. One of the most heartwarming rescues he performed was with three black puppies that were wandering near the side of a road. It was already midnight when he rescued the puppies.

As soon as the puppies saw Theoklitos, they started wagging their tail. They were still a little cautious going near their rescuer but they were happy that someone was there. Theoklitos started giving out treats to gain their trust and the puppies couldn’t be happier. They were eating out of Theoklitos’s hands.

Eventually, Theoklitos was able to grab each of the puppies and put them in the car. He couldn’t open the cage at the back of his car so he decided to just place all of them at the passenger side of the car. The puppies looked healthy and they also started to calm down when they were finally inside the car.

Theoklitos drove back to the shelter and got all three of the puppies settled. After giving them food and clean water, Theoklitos then set up a warm bed for the puppies to sleep in. All three puppies were still a little shy but they were happy enough to give Theoklitos puppy kisses on his hand.

The puppies were grateful to get rescued and Theoklitos will surely give them a good home and introduce them to the other dogs living in his shelter. If the puppies are lucky enough, each of them will find someone to adopt them and give them loving forever homes. Here’s a heartwarming video featuring Theoklitos rescuing the three cute puppies in the middle of the night.

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