Teach your dog to potty in the proper location in three simple steps

Having a dog for company is a fantastic idea. However, it can occasionally cause you a lot of problems. It’s like being tired after a long day at work and wanting to go home, but when you open the door, you find a battlefield full of dogs peeing and pooping. Teaching a dog to go potty in the proper location can be difficult. Don’t worry, Kittyworldly will show you three simple methods for teaching your dog to pee in the proper place.

1. Determine where the dog needs to relieve himself

The first step is to provide a safe place for your dog to relieve himself. If you keep them at home, direct them to the toilet to facilitate cleaning. If you keep them in the yard, place them in a specific area or on a specific tree. Alternatively, if possible, purchase a separate litter box for your dog and place it anywhere in the house, find a good place for them to go, and train them to defecate there. Furthermore, some people believe that if they take a piece of wood to measure the tail and place it in the location where they want to go to the toilet, they will go there. This is an important technique to remember. You must be strict with them in order for them to obey and obey your orders.

2. Create a meal plan and a schedule for their meals

Eat in a timely manner to assist the “Sen” in determining when to use the restroom. This determines whether they go to the correct location. Furthermore, meal planning allows them to control how much food they eat and how much water they drink. Drinking a lot of water will cause them to go to the toilet frequently and in the wrong places if you overfeed them. An adult dog can be fed twice a day, at lunch and dinner. Small dogs should be fed three times per day. You must feed your dog at the appropriate time, and you must maintain this habit on a daily basis. Each dog meal usually only lasts about 20 minutes before they begin to show signs of wanting to potty; all you have to do is train your dog to potty at the appropriate time and location.

3. Learn about their toilet habits

As you may be aware, dogs frequently have habits before going to the bathroom, such as rubbing their bottoms or purring, and you can rely on these habits to properly train them to adhere to a potty schedule.

Remember to take notes, because the time for the dog to go to the bathroom is incorrect, and each time may be 5-10 minutes apart. For 3-5 days, keep a log of your dog’s cleaning times, noting the following:

  • What symptoms did they experience prior to going to the bathroom?
  • The time it takes a dog to go to the bathroom is calculated from the last meal.
  • The time it takes for the dog to go to the bathroom after waking up.

Also, when training, use treats to entice them to go where you want them to go, and praise them when they clean well. This will instill in them the belief that going to the toilet in the proper location will be rewarded by the owner. If you scold them less, it will give them a negative impression of going to the toilet.

Simply follow the three simple steps outlined above, and as long as you continue to train your dog, going to the toilet in the proper location will no longer be a problem. I hope you and your dog are able to complete this training course successfully.

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