Teenager Denied Entry With Puppy That Appeared in the Rain

One morning, a young person heard a noise outside on the porch. They went to investigate and discovered a small puppy alone in the rain. Unsure of what to do, they contacted their parents who were at work.

They explained that the puppy couldn’t come inside as their landlord had a one-dog policy, and they already had a puppy named Rocky. The landlord lived right next door, and the teenager’s parents didn’t want to risk getting in trouble for having another dog.

The teenager reluctantly agreed and decided to provide some food for the puppy. She was initially hesitant but eventually warmed up to him and ate the food hungrily.

Feeling responsible, the teenager decided to try and locate the puppy’s family by taking photos of her and posting them online. He waited for a response.

As nightfall approached, the teenager became increasingly worried about the puppy. Despite knowing he wasn’t supposed to, he waited until his parents fell asleep before sneaking her inside.

The teenager was resourceful and determined to help the puppy. But the story doesn’t end there! Keep reading to find out what happens next.

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