Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions were last updated on September 1, 2022.

Kittyworldly.com would like to send you the contents of our “Terms of Service” in order to help you understand, trust, and use this website most effectively. The right to use this website and its services is governed and valid under it. We will terminate your access if you do not comply with the terms of service. Kittyworldly.com may then apply a warning level to you without your knowledge.

The contents of our Terms of Service are listed below, and we encourage you to follow them so that Kittyworldly.com can continue to provide the best and most relevant information and service.

1. Users are not permitted to download, publish, send emails, exchange, distribute, or provide content that is illegal in any way. Content that is harmful, offensive, threatening, or harassing to individuals, groups, institutions, or readers in particular. Spread no content that disturbs others, promotes torture, insults or defames others.

2. We also do not accept objectionable, obscene, or culturally and customarily inappropriate content. Kittyworldly.com does not permit content that infringes on the privacy of others, content that is hostile to the state or other organizations, content that expresses racist views, racial discrimination, or a variety of other heinous behaviors.

3. Furthermore, you must not publish, use, or abuse the service in order to harm the health, cognition, or spirit of minors. All of these acts are strictly prohibited by Kittyworldly.com.

4. Users shall not use Kittyworldly.com’s services to impersonate another person or organization, nor shall they contact us while impersonating another person or organization. This is distinct from the actual association of an activity with a person or organization. Content must not be tampered with, manipulated, altered, or intentionally hidden. Fake will conceal and falsify the true origin of content provided and transmitted via the Service.

5. You may not also delete, alter, or interfere with the content of our website’s proprietary notices. You are also not permitted to arbitrarily make, license, or authorize modification, creation of derivative works, translation activities, service changes, and so on on the website without the company’s consent and permission.

6. You may not also use Kittyworldly.com’s services for commercial purposes unless we give you permission. We do not accept uses for third-party benefit. Unlicensed and Illegal Use of Services.

7. Do not use Kittyworldly.com to cheat. Please do not continue to compile, decipher, or interfere, as this will affect and change the technical structure of the site. Disassemble, destroy, or attack any component of the website in particular. Do not change, destroy, or breach the encryption technology and security measures used by Kittyworldly.com to provide services, maintenance, data storage, and operation. Kittyworldly.com transmits, receives, and processes data.

8. We don’t collect any user information. Information from other accounts on Kittyworldly.com will be kept private and secure. You do not have the authority to infiltrate, monitor, collect, or restrict the access data of others, or to manipulate their personal information.

9. Do not post, send, email, provide, or share content that you do not own or are not authorized to share in any way. Legal and contractual relationships govern ownership and sharing rights. Insiders, unauthorized release of proprietary information, disclosure of confidential information in the business, and relationships in the service of recruiting activities are strictly prohibited, as are activities conducted under an information disclosure agreement.

10. Without the consent of others, you may not post, email, provide, or share in any way content that infringes copyright, patent infringement, infringement, trademark plagiarism, confidential or other confidential commercial, copyright, proprietary content.

11. Without permission, you may not post, send, email, provide, or share advertising material or promotional information in any way. Send no spam, bulk mail, chain mail, or mail for advertising or multi-level selling. All other forms of manipulation and fraud are also prohibited.

12. Do not post, send, e-mail, provide, or share any files, malicious code, files, or programs of unknown origin that may infect your computer. Do not gather data theft. No program or data that directly or indirectly interferes with, restricts, interrupts, manipulates, or destroys the operation, functionality, characteristics, or integrity of software, hardware, data, or telecommunications infrastructure may be used or distributed.

13. Do not obstruct or interfere with the site’s normal lines of communication. Do not perform activities that affect the screen or website interface, such as making the scroll bar move too quickly when visiting a web page in comparison to the website’s initial settings. Do not obstruct typing while using the service. Take no actions that will disrupt the transaction process, and engage in real-time interactions with other users.

14. Interfere with, disrupt, or manipulate the service, the server’s operation, and the Internet network system between the server providing the service and other users’ use of this website. Avoid violating the requirements and noncompliance with the network operator’s procedures, content, policies, and regulations in connection with the website connection.

15. Do not engage in any action or behavior that disables, damages, reduces service operation, reduces Internet connection, or causes undue stress on the website, either directly or indirectly.

16. Whether or not the service is intended to cause a violation of the laws, regulations, rules, directives, and guidelines promulgated in local, national, and international policies and regulations, it shall not be used.

17. Kittyworldly.com’s services may not be used to provide material support, resources, disguise or conceal material assistance, the nature, origin, characteristics, location, or change of ownership of resources.

18. Do not use Kittyworldly.com to violate others’ privacy, stalk, or harass them.

19. It is prohibited to use Kittyworldly.com’s services to collect and store other users’ personal data, as well as the specific behaviors and activities listed above.

20. Kittyworldly.com may or may not screen content, but we reserve the right to refuse to post, remove, or remove inappropriate content. You can also file a complaint and request that invalid content, content that violates intellectual property rights, legal value, and so on be removed. When necessary to protect the use of others, web site administrators can also block access and communication activities by restricting usage rights.

21. You agree to use the Content at your own risk and discretion. This statement acknowledges that you may not use text generated by or submitted to Kittyworldly.com in this regard.

22. You acknowledge and agree to allow Kittyworldly.com to access, maintain, and share your information as required by law or courts, as well as government and regulatory agencies, or as necessary for: (a) law enforcement and compliance (b) performance of these Terms of Service.

(c) Responding to Third-Party Complaints of Published Content Infringement (d) Responding to your comments about Kittyworldly.com customer service and the general public.

Kitty Worldly thanks for your attention!