What’s the deal with the cat staring at the wall?

Cats have strange habits, such as spilling things, napping in a very “tired” looking position that doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable, and staring blankly at the wall.

What prompted your cat to seek out an appealing wall?

Why do cats stare at the walls?

There are a variety of reasons why your cat will adore the color of your wall paint. Some people joke (or seriously believe) that their cat is watching a ghost or other supernatural being.

However, there could be a more plausible explanation for this action. Almost all of the time, cats stare at a wall out of curiosity (it’s in their nature), as cats are both predators and prey.

Can your cat see what’s on the walls?

Cats have excellent vision. While your cat’s eyes may not have as many cones as ours, which means they can’t see as many different colors, they do have a lot of rods, which allow them to see clearly in low light to everything.

Furthermore, their horizons are much wider than ours. In fact, a cat’s field of vision is approximately 200 degrees, whereas ours is only 180 degrees.

This means that your cat has a wider field of vision than humans.

Perhaps you think your cat is staring at the wall, but they are actually looking at a bug or shadow on the wall.

Cats, like humans, have episodic memory. This is a feline long-term memory that allows cats to recall specific events, situations, and experiences.

This means that your cat can recall the reflection of the sun on the wall at a specific time of day.

So if your cat is staring at the same wall at the same time of day, it’s probably waiting for her favorite thing.

Perhaps the cat overheard something?

Cats have incredible hearing. In fact, they have a wider frequency range than other mammals, including humans and dogs!

As a result, your cat can hear things you cannot!

They can hear dripping water in buildings as well as pipes and ventilation ducts in homes.

Your cat might hear water running or air whistling through the pipes.

Of course, our home must be in a situation where there are no invading alien beasts.

If you have mice or other animals in your home, your cat may stare at the walls because they can hear them purring.

The sound, however, does not have to come from within the walls. If you live in an apartment complex, your cat can hear your neighbors through the walls even if you can’t.

When should you be concerned?

In some cases, your cat staring at the wall is caused by a medical condition.

Cats with cognitive impairment

Some older cats may experience cognitive impairment, also known as feline dementia.

This condition is similar to dementia and aging in humans.

A cognitively impaired cat may meow loudly at night and become disoriented when staring at a blank wall.

Rippled skin syndrome, also known as back skin twitching

If your cat is not only staring at a blank wall but also aggressively attacking their tail, frantically grooming the base of their tail, or appears overly sensitive to touch, he or she may be suffering from dermatophytosis. A case of ripple syndrome, also known as back skin twitching.

This condition was only recently identified and described.

This is not a common diagnosis because it is unknown whether the syndrome is uncommon in cats or difficult to detect based on an assessment of the cat’s daily behavior.

Cats suffering from this syndrome usually go from excited, aggressive grooming and tail-twisting to staring blankly at the wall.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your cat, record its behavior with your cell phone.

Video recordings of your cat’s behavior will greatly help your veterinarian diagnose the cause of your cat’s unusual behavior at home.

Cats stare at walls for many reasons. Most of the time, they are either seeing or hearing something that you cannot see, or they are attempting to determine what that is.

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