The dog requests anyone passing by to throw his toy for him

One day, Caterina Dellabona was passing by a house and noticed an intriguing sign hanging on their gate. The sign, inscribed in Italian, requested people not to toss the toy on the cacti as the dog might injure itself. It asked to throw the toy either on the left or right side.

Initially, Caterina was confused by the sign…

Suddenly, a tiny dog carrying a toy in its mouth appeared at the gate, excited to play. Dellabona shared with The Dodo, “He looked at us, wagging his tail, then grabbed his toy and placed his head over the fence.” “The gap was big enough for his head to fit comfortably but too small for his body to pass through, making it secure.”

The little pup seemed to plead with anyone passing by to engage in playtime with him, which prompted his owners to put up a sign to ensure safety during play.

Dellabona resumed throwing the toy while being careful not to throw it near the nearby cactus. The small dog excitedly fetched it and brought it back to her. She played with him for a good ten minutes before departing, much to the dog’s dismay.

dog asks everyone to play with him

Currently, every time Dellabona passes by the house, she stops to play fetch with her newfound friend, but unfortunately, never as long as he desires.

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