The Family Dog Was Bitten By A Rattlesnake To Protect A 7-year-old, And They Later Discovered That He Had Sacrificed Himself

The DeLuca family dog, characterized as “a bundle of 68 pounds of devotion, amusement, and affection,” bravely positioned himself between a lethal serpent and two defenseless relatives. Had he not intervened, the venomous reptile would have likely attacked seven-year-old Molly and her 75-year-old grandmother instead.

Haus, a two-year-old German Shepherd, was adopted from a nearby animal shelter to ease the void caused by the family’s previous dog’s demise. They christened him Haus, and despite initial reservations from Donya DeLuca’s husband, he soon warmed up to the pooch.

Before he risked his life for Molly, Haus was already cherished by the family. At first, no one was sure what was happening when the dog leaped in front of the child. She was taken aback by the incident.

It became evident that an altercation had transpired, with the dog whimpering and visibly wounded. The DeLuca family promptly transported their cherished pet to BluePearl Veterinary Partners.

At the veterinary clinic, it was discovered that Haus had been bitten at least three times by a snake, and the signs indicated that it was a rattlesnake, potentially the extremely venomous Eastern Diamondback, one of America’s most lethal species.

Anti-venom medication is often costly and employed sparingly. Typically, one or two vials constitute a regular dose. However, given the uncertainty regarding the amount of venom in Haus’s bloodstream, he was placed on a constant drip and closely observed. Initially, the situation was extremely critical.

The DeLuca family presumed that Haus had made a heroic sacrifice by putting himself in harm’s way to save Molly and her grandmother. They didn’t believe he would pull through.

ABC’s interview with Molly revealed that she was deeply frightened by the ordeal. Fortunately, the unusual treatment method turned out to be effective, and after a week, Haus was cleared to return home.

If Donya DeLuca’s husband had let his reservations about Haus prevent the family from adopting him, the consequences of the snake encounter could have been far more dire.

This incident serves as a valuable reminder to keep your yard mowed and to minimize the number of hiding spots in your outdoor space. Even backyards can be dangerous in warmer climates, particularly in areas of the United States where venomous snakes and other hazardous animals are known to reside.

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