The Top 33 Dog Body Language Expressions

The body language of a dog will always pique your and others’ interest.

Despite their proximity, humans and dogs do not always understand each other. Humans primarily communicate verbally, whereas dogs communicate in a variety of ways.

However, because pets are completely reliant on humans, knowing their language can be extremely beneficial to their owners.

The more you understand your dog’s body language, the less likely you are to become tired or angry at them for no reason.

This is especially true for all dog owners, both those who already have dogs and those who are considering getting one.

Dogs are extremely sensitive to a person’s emotions, body language, tone of voice, and speech, according to scientific evidence. As a result, the owner must also provide adequate care for the dog.

From the book Puppy First Steps: The Complete Secret to Raising a Happy, Healthy, Well-Being Dog, here are 33 dog body language expressions. Dodman, Dr.

Avoid you when you pet a dog’s head

Maybe the dog doesn’t like the feeling of being petted. It’s also a dog’s dominance signal (dominance signals are those used in rank or rank dominance to signify animal dominance).

In dog body language analysis, most dogs prefer to be stroked on the chin, chest or the side of the face.

Walk around before lying down

Dog ancestors used to do this to level grass and create a comfortable place to lie down. Dogs simply act according to their evolved instincts.

Moan, whine like a whine

Dogs purr like this when they are happy and relaxed. At that time, the dog will relax and breathe more difficultly, so the sound that the dog makes from the throat sounds like a purr.

It’s a combination of the dog’s body language and accent.

Dog body language is expressed through whining

Dogs, especially puppies, purr when they are cold, hungry or lonely. Then wrap the dog in a warm blanket, feed and play with him until they are happy again.

Dog wink

That’s when the dog is considering whether to listen to what you just said.


Dogs yawn when they are tired or stressed. Yawning will make them feel better.

Lick your friend

Dogs are always seeking attention from their owners. In some cases, licking is also a major signal expressed through the dog’s body language.

Definitely want to climb on the desk chair

If you tell your dog not to climb on the furniture, they will even climb higher to show dominance.

Dogs leave footprints after urinating

Dogs mark their territory by leaving footprints or recording sweat secreted from paw glands.

Dog eat poop

Dog poop is also known as coprophagia syndrome. This syndrome is normal behavior in puppies. However, if an older dog eats poop, the cause may be a health or behavioral condition.

Puppy rolling around in dirt

Dogs love to roll around in unclean places to mark where they have been.

This is also the behavior of the ancestors of dogs to mask the smell on something with a strong smell in order to avoid predators.

Dog eating grass

Dogs eat grass in an attempt to vomit when they have an upset stomach. Or their bodies need more fiber to balance nutrition.

Dog pee smell

Perhaps the dog has noticed some strange smell in the place they were planning to go to the bathroom. The dog may also be looking for places where another dog has urinated.

Sniffing other dogs from behind

Secret pheromones secreted from a dog’s anus allow dogs to recognize other dogs.

Dog panting

Dogs regulate their body temperature by panting. Dogs also pant when they feel anxious.

Playing with dogs of the same breed is more fun

If your dog has ever lived happily with their siblings or other dogs of the same breed, they will want to live with dogs of their own kind.

Dog game bow pose

Playing the bow starts in the dog’s position with their legs and head on the ground and their back up. The dog was happy then. This is the most common body language expression when your dog is happy.

Dog chasing its own tail

Dogs may make fun of themselves because they are bored. However, if a dog chases its tail too much, it could be a health issue.

Dogs like to chew on soft things

Puppies weaned prematurely may reach for soft objects, such as blankets or stuffed animals.

Stick your head out the window

Dogs do this when they are having fun, as the air outside the car whizzes by, and it’s very funny. However, this is an extremely dangerous maneuver as the dog could be injured.

Dog barking at other dogs with head held high

This is a dominant signal, especially when the two dogs make eye contact in a tense posture and their tails are held upright.

This body language expression of dogs shows that they are the leaders of the pack.

Barking at other dogs with ears plugged into head

This is a sign of fear or submission, especially if the tail is down and the dog’s eyes are darting back and forth in fear.

Digging like crazy in the dirt and even your bed

Dogs have been domesticated, but they still retain some purebred instincts.

Dogs dig holes when looking for prey, but they still do so to satisfy their natural instincts.

Dog takes food out of bowl to eat elsewhere

The low status dog will do this to protect his food from the higher status dogs.

Dogs hide treats instead of eating them right away

It’s a dog’s instinct. Dogs do this to stock up on food when needed. This body language of dogs has been passed down from generation to generation, from ancient ancestors, to later generations.

Dog running while dreaming

Perhaps at that time the dog was dreaming that the dog was running or catching prey.

Fast or slow wagging tail of a dog

The rate at which a dog’s tail wags reflects their disposition. When the dog is excited, the tail wags rapidly. The tail will instead wag more slowly.

A dog with its tail tucked between its hind legs

This indicates submission, uncertainty, anxiety, and/or fear.

This dog body language is frequently observed in dogs who are shy or have a lower status than other dogs.

A dog with an upright tail

This is a sign of power, focus, or assurance.

The dog enjoys biting socks or slippers

Perhaps dogs are missing chew toys made of their preferred materials. If you follow the dog to retrieve the socks and sandals, the dog will think it’s a fun game and will enjoy it even more.

The dog sniffs the crotch

Sensing information from genital pheromones and anus is a natural behavior of dogs.

Level of dog bite toy

Toy biting is a physical manifestation of hunting dogs wanting to bite each other’s necks.

The coats of dogs are raised

The fur on dogs’ backs bristles when they are in a “fight or flight” situation. The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs when the body detects a threat to life. The body is then activated and adrenaline is released, causing muscles to contract and hairs to stand on end.

Some of the patterns of dog body language mentioned above are spontaneous, but others are imitated or trained. Addressing the bad behaviors that arise in your dog’s life is the best way to ensure your dog develops and maintains good behavior.

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