They Dropped Their Dog Off For A Routine Spay Operation, Unfortunately, They Received A Call To Come Back To The Clinic To Collect Their Dog’s Body

When the Briggs family brought their one-year-old dog, Nya, to an Austin veterinary clinic for a regular spay operation, they anticipated seeing her again in a few hours. However, the family was directly informed that they could collect her from the freezer.

The veterinarian provided no real cause for the dog’s death, according to owner Lisa Briggs. Instead, the veterinarian simply told her, “She’s in the fridge for you to pick up whenever you want,” Briggs told KXAN, a local news station.

The situation became even more devastating for Briggs and her family when they received an email that was not meant for them, which only added to their sadness.

“One of the vet’s employees accidentally sent me an email that was intended for another worker,” Briggs explained. “It stated, ‘We’re not sure what happened, but we put down the dog,’” she said, referring to the confusion among staff about how to categorize the unexpected death of the animal.

However, Charles Vandermause, a veterinarian at Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital in Austin, Texas, disputes this account, arguing that Nya passed away due to a severe reaction to anesthesia.

“I absolutely did not euthanize their dog,” Vandermause stated. “I have been a veterinarian for over 40 years, and this is not something that can happen in practice. There are too many variables and details that must be completed before a dog can be euthanized… The email has nothing to do with the dog being euthanized in any way.”

Regardless, the unclear circumstances surrounding Nya’s passing have devastated her family, including young children struggling to deal with the sudden loss of their beloved pet.

“I wanted to collapse on the floor and scream because I was so sad,” said Lisa’s 9-year-old son, Landon Briggs, to KXAN. “Nya was more than a pet, she was family, and it’s like if a family member dies and it’ll warm your heart thinking that they are watching over you.”

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