This dental professional relinquished a thriving occupation and a comfortable existence to rescue deserted dogs

Our hero of the day is Theoklitos Proestakis, a Greek man who personifies Immanuel Kant’s quote, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

Takis, as he is commonly referred to, was a successful businessman, DJ, and owner of a nightclub. However, he grew weary of the nightlife and eventually decided to sell his assets.

One day, while visiting a landfill in his town, Takis encountered a heart-wrenching scene of abandoned dogs.

Theoklitos Proestakis in photo with arm around a dog

Two dogs, particularly, were both in dire straits – one pooch had a broken leg while the other had a severe skin issue.

Takis couldn’t stand the sight, so he started taking care of these unfortunate dogs. Every day, he visited the site to feed them and give them water to drink.

During Greece’s financial crisis at that time, some individuals chose not to prioritize their pets’ well-being – a stance he did not share.

“If you love your animal, you will find a piece of bread to give to your dog,” Takis remarked.

Photo of a malnourished dog

Gradually, this compassionate Greek realized that the number of stray dogs in the area was increasing every day.

For a year, Takis made it his daily routine to care for the poor dogs, and his kindness paid off as the dogs slowly became healthier.

Sadly, the local residents didn’t appreciate the situation, considering the dogs to be a disturbance, and they even threatened Takis, saying that they would harm the innocent animals.

Takis requested a 30-day grace period and assured them that he would remove all the dogs from the area.

Photo of a sick dog

This led him to establish Takis Shelter in Ierapetra, Crete as a safe haven for the rescued dogs. He utilized all of his funds to provide for and care for the rescued dogs.

Becky Bellinger’s YouTube video entitled “Takis Documentary” is a touching footage showcasing Takis and his remarkable journey of rescuing dogs.

His determination and compassion towards his furry friends are truly remarkable. He did not give up on his mission even when the circumstances seemed bleak.

Photo with friends and family

Some of the homeless dogs he managed to rescue were victims of road accidents, while others were recommended to be euthanized by the vets.

However, instead of taking such a harsh step, the dogs brought to the clinics are confined in a cage and can stay there for 6 months up to a year. Can you even begin to imagine how heart-wrenching that is?

Therefore, whenever Takis comes across stray dogs, he makes every effort to rescue them and provide them with shelter at his sanctuary.

A sanctuary for dogs

Caring for such a significant number of dogs, it is reasonable to think how much the expenses would be. Food, veterinary expenses, and all other costs were being paid for by just one person (do the math!).

Regarding this, Takis merely said, “I didn’t mind about the money. I gave everything I had to help the dogs.”

However, his funds eventually depleted, and he started having financial difficulties. He even sold his car to help with his expenses, but it was still not enough. He thought of selling the shelter instead at a significantly lower price.

Until one day, a person from the Daily Mail UK contacted him to arrange an interview after learning about his story. Later on, Takis discovered that his story was featured in the news. Consequently, many individuals sent in their donations, which resolved his financial issues.

At present, Takis and some volunteers are providing care for over 300 dogs, puppies, and cats. They require all the assistance they can receive, and some of them are available for adoption. If you would like to demonstrate your love for these dogs and cats, you can find information on the shelter’s Facebook page.

Thanks to this compassionate individual from Greece who dedicates his time to fostering and caring for these abandoned dogs and cats.

As Immanuel Kant said, the way you lovingly cared for these vulnerable animals is a testament to your heart of gold.

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