This Dog Has Over 118,000 Social Media Fans But No Owner Of His Own

This unusual passenger didn’t get much attention when he boarded a subway in Istanbul, which made it more intriguing to one very curious commuter.

A man named Amir’s car was in the repair shop, so he decided to take the subway to work. He normally drove himself, so the entire subway experience wasn’t part of his normal daily routine and he certainly wasn’t expecting it to turn out as it did.

While he was boarding the subway, he spotted something very unusual. And, what made it even stranger was that the other passengers didn’t even seem to notice the odd passenger that was boarding along with them.

What he saw was a large yellow dog waiting on the platform. When the subway arrived, the dog boarded along with the rest of the commuters. Interested, Amir looked around for the dog but didn’t see it again before he reached his stop.

Amir got off the subway and went to work but didn’t stop thinking about the dog. He thought he’d never see the dog again but the next day, the dog was once again on the subway platform waiting to board the train.

This went on for several days. The dog received little attention except for when one day, a passenger pushed him off the train and the dog couldn’t board. Amir noticed the dog was distraught but before he could help, the train left the station.

Each day, the dog was taking a long walk through the city before returning to the subway in the evening. It was clear the dog had a destination, he was well-traveled, but he always traveled alone.

Assuming he was a stray they caught the dog and took him to the vet. It was determined he was at one point a pet but now just wondered the city and was stopping to visit with his friends and fans throughout the city. They even found out that the dog, called Boji, was somewhat of a celebrity.

People were tracking Boji and posting his pictures on social media. Despite not having an owner of his own, he had a huge following of people who were feeding and caring for him. He traveled up to 20 miles a day on public transportation, even riding a ferry.

The dog is a free spirit and very smart. No one knows how it came to be that he ended up on the streets with no family of his own. Somehow the dog knew how to take care of himself with the help of people in the community and his 118,000 followers on Instagram.

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