Throughout her life, she faced discrimination and lived on the streets unloved because she was born with five legs and two tails

My name is Mia, and I want to tell you about a gorgeous little puppy with a distinctive condition. This sweet puppy was born with two tails and five legs, which is a rare sight to behold.

Unfortunately, Mia’s owners could only provide limited support and resources for her specialized care.

Luckily, the Casas Cunas Animal Shelter took the puppy in and ensured that she received the best possible treatment. Since she’s only two months old and has a bit of a potbelly, they will deworm her.

Mia was born with an extra paw and her tails are positioned near her stomach. In addition to this, she has two vaginas and two anuses, and some genetic conditions cause her to use both anuses for urination.

In order to proceed with the required medical procedures, Mia needs more detailed X-rays and ultrasounds, and the shelter is currently seeking donations to cover the costs of her surgery.

Although all of Mia’s littermates have been adopted, they have not all been impacted by the same illnesses.

Last year, a veterinarian at Neel Veterinary Hospital provided treatment to a puppy named Skipper. It is suspected that Skipper was meant to have a twin, but the separation was incomplete, resulting in the puppy being born with six legs, two tails, two pelvic regions, and two reproductive systems.

It’s probable that Mia is also affected by the same congenital birth condition.

Mia’s first procedure, which is the first of two, is scheduled to take place in five days. She has been receiving ongoing veterinary treatment, and her most recent report shows encouraging progress. Despite the difficulty and expense, everyone is hopeful that Mia will enjoy a long and happy life.

Animal advocates aim to raise funds for Mia’s upcoming surgery by sharing her story.

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