Tiny 7-Week-Old Puppy Is Abandoned In The Street

This 7-day-old puppy was thrown from a moving car and left motionless on the street. Thankfully, Francesca Orsini witnessed her abandonment and quickly stopped to help her.

Francesca rushed to the tiny, white puppy’s side and picked her up. Knowing the puppy was far too young to be left alone, there would have been no hope for her had Francesca not stopped to save her.

Francesca knew the puppy needed more help than she was able to give so she rushed her to the vet. Sadly, the puppy began having constant seizures and her condition was severe. But, since the puppy they were now calling Halo was fighting to survive, they would fight with her.

Despite her grim prognosis, Francesca didn’t give up on her. She took the puppy home and began to slowly nurse her back to health. She was bottled fed and received wet food and there was no shortage of love.

Miraculously, Hola started to improve and slowly began to get stronger. She even began to play with the cats and enjoyed being held. She was still tiny but she was a fighter and with the help of her rescuer, she was getting better each day.

Soon, she was playing with a puppy friend and beginning to do normal puppy things, like playing, barking, and nipping with her tiny teeth. The puppy who was once near death was now thriving and would soon be ready for a forever home.

Francesca loved Hola and wished she could keep her but knew that she couldn’t. So, she began to search for the perfect home and placed local ads. As fate would have it, the right person soon came along to adopt her.

Hola’s new owner loved the adorable puppy that was once tossed out like trash. She was looking for a dog friend and companion and Hola was the perfect match. Her new mom would give her a great life.

Thanks to Francesca, a tiny puppy got a second chance surrounded by people that would love her. From unwanted and abandoned to best friend and companion, Hola’s story proves that despite the cruel treatment she received at the beginning of her life, there are more good people in the world than bad.

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