Tiny Chihuahua Rescued From Trash Bin Now Relaxing In Secure Care

On October 27th, a Chihuahua weighing two pounds was discovered injured and abandoned in a parking lot near Santa Rosa Junior College by an employee. Sadly, the pup had suffered broken front legs, causing significant distress.

Thankfully, the adorable dog was brought to Sonoma County Animal Services for medical attention. The veterinary staff applied two pink casts to the legs of the 14-week-old puppy, now called Darla, who was only two pounds at the time. Darla received surgery to repair her legs and was predicted to fully recover.

Dr. Dan Famini, who posted about the incident online, revealed that the positive outcome was that the Chihuahua was placed in foster care to facilitate her recovery. Once she had fully recuperated, she would be up for adoption. What a wonderful conclusion! Please view the attached video.

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