Tiny Pup Discovered Residing Inside Chicken Coop, Turns Out to Be Hilarious, Self-Assured Dog

Save a Greek Stray group received a report concerning an extremely diminutive canine discovered cohabiting with chickens in a chicken coop.

The dog, smaller in size than a feline, was afflicted by leishmaniasis, infested with mange, and severely underweight. He had endured unimaginable neglect.

The rescue team proceeded to save the dog, and they were utterly astonished upon encountering him. Consequently, they opted to name him Feather due to his coat adorned with the feathers of the chickens.

The dog was entirely infested with ticks and fleas, thanks to his proximity to the feathers. However, Feather’s vision was nearly impaired due to leishmaniasis. Fortunately, the dog received treatment for the illness and regained his eyesight.

Feather began to improve and gained weight with each passing day. His genuine personality gradually emerged, unveiling a comical, amiable, and self-assured demeanor.

The most wonderful part was that a compassionate family adopted him, providing the love and attention he required. His appearance has undergone a remarkable change, making it difficult to recognize him! Witness the incredible transformation by watching the video below.

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