Two Homeless Mama Dogs Saved While Caring for Their Puppies In Alley

A Kindhearted Person discovered 2 female dogs and their litters in a backstreet in L.A., California, and transported them to Northwest Dog Project (NDP) after observing their efforts to ensure the safety of the young puppies.

The Kindhearted Person initially brought the dogs to her residence and subsequently transferred them to Northwest Dog Project in Oregon.

The 2 mother dogs, who had 9 offspring — 7 females and 2 males, were given the names Louise and Thelma.

It was evident that the mothers had been left behind for quite some time as they were famished and undernourished. It remains uncertain whether they were abandoned together or separately, but one thing is clear: they were making every effort to protect the puppies.

Fortunately, the mothers are in good condition. However, the puppies have been up for adoption since February 2019, and it is unknown whether all of them have found homes. If you’re interested, you can find more information on NDP’s website.

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