Two Pit Bulls Who Lose Their Dad Tell Him They’ll Be Okay

Two pit bull brothers enjoyed hiking with their dad. But sadly, the plan of a fun-filled day full of exploration turned into tragedy when the unthinkable happened. All three of them fell from a cliff and their dad, Kris, was instantly killed.

The two dogs survived the fall and stayed by their dad’s side until he was found. But one of them was severely injured and needed to be taken to the vet.

The injured dog named Tonka broke both his front legs and was unable to walk. His brother, Little P, was going to be okay but was very concerned about Tonka. Once at the vet, Little P even tried to get up on the stretcher with Tonka.

As they wheeled Tonka away, Little P kissed his brother goodbye. He waited while Tonka was treated and put in two casts. But, the emotional hits would just keep coming. Tonka had to be separated from Little P to help with his recovery.

Crysti, Kris’s cousin, took in Little P and Tonka went to a foster home. The dogs missed each other a lot and it was their first time being apart. At 10 years old, Tonka was having a very hard time and missing his dad a lot, too.

Eventually, both of the dogs began to heal but would need a forever home together. Happily, the perfect family was located and their adoption day happened to be on the same day that the two dogs would finally be reunited.

The pitties were shocked and happy to see each other again but the best was yet to come. They were about to meet their new mom and dad, Brandon and Heilea, for the first time with their entire family by their side.

And, when they did, the most magical thing happened. The dogs started howling. It was as if they were letting Kris know they would be okay in their new home and that everything would turn out all right.

It took the dogs a few days but they soon settled in. They loved being with each other again and were soon going on lots of adventures with their new family. They found happiness and love again.

Surely, they missed their dad and he will always be watching over them. Their new mom says sometimes they break into song and she knows they are talking to Kris.

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