Veterinary technician encourages pet owners to remain present during the euthanasia process

Euthanizing a dog is a difficult decision that pet owners may have to make. Their furry friends may be struggling with chronic medical issues, disease, or injury that affects their quality of life.

No animal deserves to suffer daily, and sometimes, putting them to sleep is the kindest choice.

However, some pet owners bring their dogs to be euthanized, say their goodbyes, and leave before the process is complete. Essentially, they abandon their pets at the vet clinic to die alone without any companionship during their final moments.

A Reddit user named u/rescuemum who works at a veterinary clinic shared a plea on Reddit asking pet owners to stay with their pets during euthanasia. She has witnessed firsthand how difficult it is for pets when their owners leave them alone during the process.

In her post, she stated, “I’m tired of people bringing their dogs in to be put down and then leaving. It may be hard to say goodbye, but it’s even worse for them. They’re already frightened and confused, and they’re searching for YOU as they take their final breaths.”

She explained that while she can try her best to provide the pets with comfort and love, nothing can replace the love and presence of their owner, especially not a stranger.

The Reddit user shared a heartbreaking story of a woman who left her 13-year-old dog alone to be euthanized. The woman dropped off the dog at 9 a.m., knowing that there wouldn’t be a vet in the clinic until after 6 p.m. because they had farm calls that day. The woman was too busy to bring her dog back later, so she left her alone for the entire day before she passed away.

The vet technician spent the entire day with the dog, even taking her for a short walk and treating her to a cheeseburger and a donut for her last meal. She revealed in the post that she even lay down on the floor and cuddled with the dog, but the dog didn’t take comfort from her, a stranger. She added, “I gave her a kiss and told her she was a good girl when she crossed the rainbow bridge, but her eyes were constantly searching for her family. Dogs know what’s happening, so don’t do this to them. Be there when they cross that bridge. I promise you, it won’t kill you.”

While it’s a sad story, it’s an important reminder to always be there for your pet when possible, right until the very end.

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