Water Obsessed Dog Goes To The Waterpark

This dog loves water so much that when he’s swimming, he forgets about everything else. It doesn’t matter what else is going on, all he cares about is diving to the bottom of the lake or pool.

Maximillion loves water so much, the moment he sees it, he jumps right in. He dunks under the surface and swims like he has fins instead of four legs. He gets so into swimming, he doesn’t pay attention to other dogs, his mom, or even treats. He’s all about the water.

The first time his mom took him swimming, he gave her a little scare. He dove under the water and it took him a moment before he came back to the surface. His mom thought that was it, she’d lost him. But instead, he came up proudly carrying a rock in his mouth-the first of many.

Now, every time she takes him swimming, he dives for rocks. He loves to find them. Sometimes, he even brings up multiple rocks in his mouth. It’s hard to imagine a dog enjoying the water more than Maximillion does.

But Maximillion also loves going to the waterpark. During the off-season, several parks by his home open up a day or two a week just for dogs. He loves to go swimming in the pools, where he can easily find his toys in crystal-clear water.

Mom likes to go, too. She can see what he’s doing under the surface. She watches him dive for his ball and swim like a seal. He even swims to the bottom of the pool and retrieves his toys just like a pro.

The only thing he doesn’t like to do when it comes to water is leave. He likes to ignore his mom when it’s time to go. Just like a kid, he gets selective hearing and tries to pretend his fun isn’t coming to an end.

But no worries, he’ll soon go again. In fact, he’s gone so many times that his mom has lost count of all the rocks that he’s found. His mom says he’s the best boy and deserves to go swimming as much as he can.

We hope you enjoyed his adorable video. He looks like he’s having so much fun it makes us want to go swimming, too. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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