What Causes Cat Diarrhea?

Cats frequently experience diarrhea. Depending on what is causing the diarrhea in cats, it can range from severe to mild and can result in death if you are not careful. So, what causes cat diarrhea? Let’s find out with Kittyworldly.

Consume spoiled food or leave it out for a day

This is the most common cause of diarrhea in cats, due in part to the owner’s habit of leaving food for their pets or going out all day, which causes the food to spoil and cause poisoning and diarrhea when the cat consumes it.

Digestive system issues

When cats are fed too little or too much, as well as an unbalanced diet, they can develop digestive disorders, causing their digestive system to occasionally overwork, or vice versa. This can cause the cat to lose appetite, become tired, and become inactive.

Food cannot be guaranteed

Cat food is not guaranteed or appropriate for the age of each cat breed. Cats roam the countryside, encountering and devouring the carcasses of other animals such as cockroaches, lizards, mice, and so on.

Worm, bacteria, and virus infection

What is the cause of the disease that does not require the cat to be dewormed and checked on a regular basis?
Or a feline disease such as Carre or FIP. One of the most dangerous diseases in kittens under three months old, which can lead to death if not treated promptly. The only way to avoid this is to get vaccinated on a regular and annual basis.

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