What should puppies eat to ensure proper development?

It’s great to have a puppy at home, but it’s difficult to care for and raise a puppy because we don’t know what products can help our children develop holistically, and today Kittyworldly will collaborate with Gene to discover the results of the products that can help our little ones. Dogs are well-rounded creatures.

1. Milk

Milk is an essential ingredient for puppy development because the fat in milk, specifically calcium, is extremely beneficial to the baby’s bones and teeth. Lotus seeds can be mixed with milk powder or fresh milk, but they must be brewed with boiling water, and children should not be given stale milk because it causes indigestion.

2. Consume meat

Please feed your dog meat because meat is one of the main sources of protein for babies. Beef is the best, but it is expensive. Meat and chicken can both be used. Chop and cook pork, chicken liver, pork liver, and beef liver. These are excellent foods for your dog’s muscles, as they will help them grow stronger and faster. However, avoid abusing these foods. When you eat too much, it can affect the baby’s digestive system.

3. Consumption of animal and livestock internal organs

Because the viscera of poultry and domestic animals always contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial to dogs, you must be careful not to eat too much and to eat continuously, or your health will suffer. Only once every two months or so can children’s health be used.

4. Feed your dog ducks and eggs

We all know that eggs are high in fat and high in vitamins, particularly B vitamins. If your dog consumes a lot of eggs, hard-boiled eggs are the best option. Eggshells are a good source of salt, which contains several minerals, in addition to eggshells. The lotus can dry the eggshells and make fake ones, or grind them into baby food.

5. Consume fish

Fish is a type of food that is high in protein as well as minerals and vitamins. From a religious standpoint, the price is comparable to meat, and it is easier for dogs to digest. Feed your dog no more than 70% fish protein and 30% protein from other sources for proper growth.

6. Consume more vegetables

Readers are also aware that vegetables contain many substances necessary for the development of pets, so when feeding vegetables to dogs, they must also be chopped and cooked, with the exception of potatoes, peanuts, corn, and other foods. Also, because babies have very poor rectal absorption, uncooked vegetables are not suitable for them.

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