When the recently adopted dog’s elderly owner fell into a ditch, she stayed by his side while barking for attention

An elderly man’s choice to adopt a dog proved to be life-saving as his furry companion came to his rescue when he fell into a ditch.

Peter Bradley and Debbie Ackers recently welcomed a rescue dog named Ruby into their family, adopting her from the Dogs Trust in Salisbury. Ruby, a 5-year-old dog, is a mix of German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever.

Bradley and Ruby were still in the process of forming a bond as a family, but after just five weeks of being adopted, Ruby had already demonstrated her unwavering loyalty to her new owner.

Bradley is happy to adopt a dog named Ruby

It all occurred when Bradley took Ruby for a stroll in Bovington. During their journey, Bradley lost consciousness due to low blood sugar, causing him to collapse into a ditch in the woods.

Fortunately, Ruby quickly sprang into action and began barking. Rather than leaving Bradley, she remained by her owner’s side, barking persistently in an effort to attract the attention of other hikers.

Woman touches Ruby's leash

“I regained consciousness and had no awareness of my whereabouts or what had occurred. I could feel water filling my boots, but I lacked the strength to move,” recounted Bradley.

“I could hear Ruby incessantly barking, making sure someone found us; that’s for sure. When I regained some strength, I attempted to climb out, but the walls of the ditch were slippery.”

After a while, someone arrived at their location to investigate the commotion. Responders who were drawn by Ruby’s persistent barking aided Bradley in getting out of the ditch. “They extended a branch and lifted me out,” Bradley recalled.

The ditch where Bradley fell

Bradley also revealed that he was deeply frightened by the potential outcome, considering his low blood pressure and heart condition.

Thanks to his vigilant dog who sought help and stayed by his side, he was relieved that he wouldn’t be alone in times of danger.

Upon arriving home, Bradley fainted again, and Ruby remained by his side. His friend noticed the dog lying on top of him and promptly called the paramedics.

“Ruby kept watching over me and allowed the paramedics to provide assistance once she knew they were there to help,” Bradley recounted.

“I was hesitant to go to the hospital, but fortunately, the nurses were able to treat me at home. With the nurses and Ruby continuing to take care of me, I am now feeling much better.”

Bradley and partner is happy to adopt a dog

After rescuing him and demonstrating unwavering loyalty, Bradley is convinced that there must be a special reason why he decided to adopt Ruby.

He is grateful that he didn’t hesitate to bring a dog into his life, as now he is certain that dogs can truly be humans’ best friends.

“Ruby has bonded with me and Debbie in an incredible way, and it feels like she has always been a part of our lives. We walk her every day and feel a sense of security with her by our side,” Bradley expressed. “She is truly our hero.”

A woman touches Ruby''s head

Sarah Abbott of the Dogs Trust was also thrilled and proud to hear about Ruby’s remarkable impact on her new family.

“It’s heartwarming to learn about the adventures our dogs have once they find their forever homes, but this story truly stands out,” she remarked.

“It’s incredible to witness how a dog you rescue can go on to rescue you in return.”

Abbott also mentioned that there are approximately 800 dogs across the UK in need of loving homes. “While we can’t guarantee that they will all become potential lifesavers, they can certainly become your best friend.”

Adopting a dog may pose challenges for some, but as Abbott noted, they have the potential to be both a best friend and a lifesaver. Dogs are known for their loyalty and, just like humans, they deserve to be loved and cared for.

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