While he was being bitten all over, he cried loudly, “Don’t make me fight anymore.”

This story is about Phoenix, a dog who was a victim of dogfighting every day. He was eventually dumped near Mecicali, scared, skinny, and covered in horrific wounds. Sadly, he was unable to open his eyes due to the numerous bites to his head.

Fortunately, Virginia found him wandering the streets and took him to a veterinarian. The vet diagnosed Phoenix with Ehrlichia, a disease commonly found in bait dogs. Phoenix required extensive treatment due to his liver damage, anemia, and severe underweight condition, and needed a lot of love and care to recover.

Despite all that Phoenix had been through, Phoenix remained loving and friendly. Virginia stayed by his side throughout his recovery and ultimately took him home once he was fully healed.

Phoenix is now living a happy life in a forever home with Virginia, who loves him very much.

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