Why Is My Cat Pooping On The Floor? How to Stop It?

Being with cats brings great joy to our animal-loving friends. However, do you believe the cat’s defecation is hampered and has an impact on our living environment? Have you ever wondered why, after meticulously preparing your cat’s litter box, they continue to poop on the floor? This article will explain why cats poop on the floor so you can better understand our feline friends.

Why do cats poop on the floor?

Cats dislike cat litter

The litter used in the litter box plays a significant role in a cat’s decision to poop or not. Cats have very sensitive paws, and if bad litter is not provided, cats may choose to avoid it. For sandy materials with hard particles, such as those made from wheat or corn. Instead, we’ll experiment with different types of cat litter, such as those made from paper, plants, and so on. Experimenting and looking for alternatives will help us find the type of poop that cats prefer and can tolerate.

The cat despises the toilet box

Our cats may have a preference for a particular type of litter box or tray. In general, some cats prefer the privacy of a covered tray with lids, while others find a lid or cover plate inconvenient. We can experiment with various shapes, sizes, and types of litter boxes to find one that cats feel comfortable pooping in.

Not clean toilet box or tray

Cats dislike or refuse to use filthy litter boxes. However, if you don’t clean up old poop and replace the litter on a regular basis, your cat may believe that the floor is where they poop.

The litter box was placed in an inconvenient location

The location of the litter box may have an impact on your cat’s bowel movements. Toilets are frequently placed in places where people can easily access them or where we cannot see them. However, this may not be so good for cats. As a result, if the litter box is moved to an inconvenient location, your cat may be dissatisfied with the lack of privacy.

Cat has health issues

Any changes in your cat’s toileting habits could indicate a health issue. For example, constipation may cause them to try to have a large bowel movement, while diarrhea may cause an urgent need to urinate, causing them to miss the litter box. If you suspect that your cat’s poop issues are medical or behavioral, take him or her to the vet for a checkup.

Cats are perplexed by their surroundings

Changes in the home can cause cats to become bored and leave the litter box as a way of responding to the change. Even rearranging the furniture if we are having pets or other people over. All of this can be upsetting to an already accustomed animal.

Cute longhair cat going out of a Litter box. Panramic image with copy space.

How can I keep my cat from pooing on the floor?

Keep the litter box clean and odor-free

Inspections should be performed on a regular basis to remove dirt and replace it with new litter. Alternatively, because of the previous smell, the cat may continue to defecate on the floor. So clean it up and completely remove the fecal odor so the cat isn’t drawn to the area.

Select trash cans and bins and place them properly

Experiment with different litter boxes and sizes to find the one that best suits your cat’s needs.

Consult with your veterinarian

If your cat has a health issue that is causing irregular bowel movements, see your veterinarian right away to have the problem evaluated and treated.


We must guide and maintain the habit of allowing cats to poop in the litter box. Simultaneously, it is necessary to create the most conducive conditions for them to use the restroom, so that they no longer poop on the ground.

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