West Highland Terrier Loves To Go To Bed Every Night, And The Reason For It Will Make You Want To Watch This Clip On Repeat

If you can’t just make up your mind about what breed can make you smile every single day without fail, then you might want to try a West Highland Terrier.

This breed is known for being incredibly happy and loving, and they love nothing more than cuddling up in bed at night.

The reason for this is simple: Westies are tiny dogs, so their safe zone is usually associated with warm and tight spots. Just ask Ruby, the Westie in this story.

She loves cuddling and spending time close to her human parents. That’s the reason Ruby would always be seen sitting inside her parents’ bedroom and chilling on their bed.

At night, when it’s time to go to sleep, Ruby would follow her parents to their bedroom and would jump right into bed. She would then snuggle up close to them and fall asleep contentedly.

That, or daddy calls her to go to her own bed. Ruby has no problem obeying her dad as proven in this clip. Ruby quickly complied.

Funny puppy

Ruby jumped down from her parents’ bed and ran across the room down a narrow hallway to get to her own room. She couldn’t jump up on her own bed because it was too high.

That wasn’t a problem though because dad lifted his Westie up, placed her securely on her bed, and then proceeded to tuck her in.

Dad lovingly fluffed the pillows under the dog’s head and then tucked her in. Ruby’s living the royal life, you all, and we’re jealous.

As soon as Ruby’s head hit the pillow, she thanked dad and gave him a kiss. We bet she had the sweetest dream that night.

It’s really the cutest thing ever, and it just goes to show that no matter what, dogs will strive to delight you by being their best.

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